Live Online Personal Training

I offer personal training under supervision with the same one-on-one attention as with regular personal training.
Why online PT?
  • Very private and in the comfort of your own home
  • Fully customisable to suit your needs i.e. time restraints, moms with children/babies
  • Stay consistent even when you are travelling
Will online PT offer me the same quality of coaching as regular PT?

Absolutely. I have been offering these services since 2018. Click here for some of my client testimonials.

Who can do it?

Anyone of any fitness level that wants to improve on fitness, strength, flexibility, mobility and manage weight.

How it’s done?

Calls are done via Skype or Zoom with the use of a cellular, tablet or laptop device.

I would like to start, what do I need?
  • Sufficient speed internet connection
  • Space to workout – A space of about 3 sqm minimum is needed to perform exercises
  • Equipment – This will depend on your fitness goals. At a very basic level, it doesn’t take much to get the body moving. A mat would be the bare minimum. Get in touch to discuss further equipment requirements/options
What does online PT cost?

Click here to view pricing guide.