Pricing & services

Various payment models below
Duration of sessions
A session will last 60 minutes
Recommended number of sessions
Although each individual is unique, 8 sessions per month (two sessions per week) minimum is recommended for optimum results.

Services & Pricing

month to month

Shine Up


1 Session per week


2 Sessions per week


3 Sessions per week

One on one

Individualised and goal driven

A program is designed according to your goals, with your strengths and weaknesses in mind.
  • Nutritional & Eating advice
  • Measurements & Fitness
  • Evaluation and Tracking

Buddy Up

R1200 p/p

4 Sessions per month

R 2200 p/p

8 Sessions per month

R 3000 p/p

12 Sessions per month

Training with a friend

Shared cost and team effort

A program is designed to accommodate you as a team, working to achieve an overall goal.
  • Nutritional & Eating advice
  • Fitness evaluation and tracking

Team Up

R750 (5 people or more)

per Class





Small Group Training (3-6 people)

Inexpensive and FUN

Circuit style training.
  • Nutritional & Eating advice

Eating Plan


Gym Program / Routine


6 week program

My personal training services run from month to month and you are not required to sign a contract, only a mutual agreement that requires you to give me two - four weeks notice before termination of services.